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A couple sitting on top of a mountain next to a city at night.

A grillmaster’s delight.

Platinum Status

Just imagine a perfect summer day. The hot sun. That refreshing drink. A cool breeze that catches the smell of the grill. Everyone eager for your cooking. Everyone watching and marveling at your new grill kit.

Ready to make it happen? Enter the Grill Kit Sweepstakes* for a chance to be one of 250 winners of a premium “Platinum” grill kit.

With unique Platinum Status branding, these grill kits double as collector’s items and include:

  • 4-piece grill tool set
  • Spice rub gift box
  • Yeti® can insulator
  • S’mores campfire kit
  • Apron with a built-in bottle opener
  • Meat thermometer


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