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Level up savings to 10¢/gal on every fill.

With Platinum Status in the Fuel Rewards® program, you can save 10¢/gal* on every fill and have access to monthly rewards like sweepstakes to amazing experiences, giveaways, and extra ways to save.

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Join today and save an extra 25¢/gal on your second fill as a Fuel Rewards® member.

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Going Platinum

To achieve Platinum Status, fill up at Shell 12 times in 3 months.

Want to get there faster? Filling up with Shell V-Power® NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline counts as two fills toward achieving Platinum Status, meaning you can get there in just 6 fills!

Minimum of 10 gallons per fill.

Platinum savings

Members with Platinum Status Enjoy 10¢/gal* on every fill and 2X on In-Store Rewards.

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Platinum Rewards

From saving big to chances of winning tickets for special events, you’ll love these Platinum experiences and offers.

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World Of Platinum

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From breathtaking grand prizes to giveaways with thousands of winners, see the next-level rewards we offer members with Platinum Status.